Carrot On a Stick

I have made the mistake of downloading Pokémon Go. It’s not even officially out in Switzerland yet, but of course everyone is playing it anyway. Including me. Of course.

For those who missed the hype somehow: Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game where you walk around in the real world, find virtual items, catch virtual pokémon and have virtual battles with other people. The name is presumed (by me) to be short for Pokémon Go For A Walk Until You Die From Exhaustion Or Run Out Of Power (Whichever Comes First).

Over the course of the week-end, the game drove countless 20-something nerds out into the streets, because you gotta catch them all. This has prompted the news media to write many amusing stories about said nerds bruising their shins, falling into ditches and trying to break into an Australian police station because apparently there’s a Sandshrew there. Then there were some less amusing stories about nerds finding corpses or getting mugged and of course the ever-popular comment sections in which people demonise nerds, Pokémon, games, phones, walking, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Monsanto, the lizard overlords and the government in no particular order and often no logical connection with the subject at hand. It’s business as usual in my chosen field of jurnalizmz.

Regardless, I’ve downloaded Pokémon Go and since I had a day off on Monday, I went prowling about the city for a bit. Or, you know, a lot. There appeared to be a shortage of corpses that day and all the local police station had to offer were some Drowzees, which you could comfortably catch from outside. So far the game has nettet me 39 entries in my Pokédex, some weird stares, a bite from a horse-fly I didn’t even know we had in the city, a new step record and an incredibly sore tibialis anterior on my right leg.

Dancing did a lot to improve my form in recent months. Had I tried to walk this much last summer, my hips and back and calves would be screaming bloody murder. Now, it’s just the tibialis muscles – the only ones we don’t use very often, it would appear. I’m mildly curious as to why my right tibialis seems to be protesting much louder than the left one. Differences in leg length? Walking in circles? Something something something dark side? Be it as it may, I hope it can get itself back together until Wednesday’s jazz class.

My step counter is usually wildly inaccurate, but this is still a lot more than the 10-15k I get most days.

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