No Dancing :[

…for two weeks. Meh.

I got a new tattoo on my lower leg yesterday, which has been years in planning. I made my appointment during the summer break on purpose: you’re usually discouraged from any strenous physical activity while healing a tat, and in the summer, I would miss the fewest classes.

Despite this, after finishing our two-hour session (guy is hella fast!), my cool British tattooist declared sports was not a problem at all. Having read all kinds of horror stories about lower leg tats giving you cankles of doom for weeks and not wanting to impede the healing in any way, I skipped ballet class with Birdie anyway.

I could’ve done some cardio/stretching/??? during the previous week, but I was desperate to get all the household stuff out of the way so I wouldn’t have to clean the bathroom with a fresh tat (or make the SO do it). Maybe I’ll get around to it next week before Friday’s class.

For now, the leg acts somewhat offended when I put it down. I also seem to have pulled my groin on the right side from lying half on my back, half on my side during the session, with the right leg just splayed out. So I’m just gonna chill out with El Naturalista Don Carlos for the week-end. Regular posts will resume shortly!

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