Fitnesse Oblige

It’s only the second week of the summer break, and I’m climbing walls already.

I was convinced that my semi-voluntary two-week no-sports chillout would let me return to my pre-dancing state of «no part of my body is aching or stiff, yay».

Oh boy was I wrong.

Apparently, when you start sportsing around on a regular basis, your body becomes strong and limber and all that, but also very, very spoiled. Stop for even a little bit, and it goes «I DEMAND MORE SPORTSING OR ELSE I WILL CAUSE YOU GREAT DISCOMFORT.» After five almost completely sedentary days, it is basically at my throat now. Everything is annoyingly crampy. My right leg has outdone itself, with tightness and aches in every major joint. Even my face feels stiff. I guess I use it too much for relevé and such.

The positive side to all of this is that my tattoo is healing fast and is already well into the itching-peeling stage, which is great. Disgusting and annoying, yes, but also great. I’ve skimmed past all the horror stories of pain, swelling and slow healing, so I’ve got that going for me.

The other side is that I have to stretch right now. Which is why I’m writing this from my exercise bike. Gotta warm up.

The stretches I do are a mix of yoga and just ye olde gym stretches and are loosely based on FitBodyHQ’s splits routine. It took me a while to comprehend and learn the exercises. The videos they linked to helped with that a lot.

What’s really fascinating about the routine is how fast it works. Not for getting the splits, at least not for me – I haven’t taken the time to do it often enough yet. But I got my aforementioned right leg from «Oh my god, my Achilles is going to snap, my stitched-together ankle ligament is coming loose and my hip is just unpleasant» to «Absolutely nothing feels off» in just two days with this.

I’ll just go and do it again now. And remeber to use the routine preventatively next time. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Fitnesse Oblige

  1. ” Even my face feels stiff. I guess I use it too much for relevé and such.”

    I think I just died 😀

    Also, yes. Can confirm. Source: Calf injury last year leading to revolt of body parts. -1,000,000/10; do not recommend.

    The upside is that it gets a little better just in time for you to get back to class, which makes everything hurt all over again until your body adjusts to sportsing once more.

    Bodies! They are never satisfied!

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