That’s a Weird Place For Tendus

It is common knowledge that ballet folk, beginner and professional alike, tend to do ballet exercises wherever: at work, in queues, at the bus stop, on the bus and in bed, to name just a few. I am moderately guilty of this as well, although I stick with stretching, strengthening and balance exercises instead of actual ballet techniques. I stretch my calves while brushing my teeth, my feet while doing the dishes and I will randomly rise on relevé whenever I have to stand in one place.

I will only do tendus sneakily, when no one is watching. Somehow I always feel like people are going to point, laugh and say things like «Look at that dork, she can’t even keep her hips level» and «You call that a turn-out, girl?» But yesterday, I made an exception. And so, the weirdest place I ever did tendus is…

…at a heavy metal concert. We were waiting for the main act, there was room and I had been standing for a couple of hours by that point, which certainly didn’t improve my technique. Neither did the beer on the floor. But at least no one pointed and shouted. Hip hop might’ve elicited that reaction from that particular crowd, but I decided to quit hip hop, so there’s that.

What about you? In what unusual places or situations have you caught yourself practicing?

9 thoughts on “That’s a Weird Place For Tendus

  1. I used to practise flamenco steps in the elevator , but one day the elevator stopped while I did that. The technician who “saved” me said: “I could tell something was wrong, I heard a strange noise right before it stopped. Didn’t you notice?” Ahem. (So, better don’t practise your “jeté, jeté, assemblé, changer” in there.)

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  2. For me, supermarkets and stores with wide aisles are my favorite place to bust out some ballet moves – and in street shoes it feels even easier! And of course, the park or anywhere there’s a big empty field (though I should really watch it in the tall grass so I don’t end up twisting an ankle by falling in a hole). Even in the street if it’s somewhat deserted…
    But at a metal concert?! You win! If I ever see another concert live at my age, I’ll definitely be thinking about that! (p.s. who was playing, if you don’t mind me asking? Back in the days I was a total metalhead)
    Oh, and I remember one of my dance friends that does hip hop telling me that she loves to dance hip hop to heavy metal, so there you go.

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  3. I usually only make it to the store by the end of the work day, so it’s very full! People would trip over me if I tried anything. I have been known to execute random dance moves on my way home, however.
    Hey cool, I used to be a total metalhead myself! The concert was by the glam metal spoof band Steel Panther. But I advise that, if you don’t already know them, you only google them if you have a very robust sense of humour that’s not afraid to get dirty now and then…


  4. I’ve heard them before! Now I have a song by theirs stuck in my head out of the blue…
    Oh, forgot to mention that the coolest place I’ve ever seen anyone do ballet (and not just pose for an arabesque photo but actually *dance*) was at the beach on the sand. She was doing fouette en tournant of all things and I was just watching with my jaw hanging open until Boyfriend hustled me away (the teen’s mom was getting suspicious of me, he said).

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  5. In the sand?! She must’ve had crazy strong legs and core to keep her balance there, I would’ve stared, too!
    Yeah, Steel Panther songs tend to be quite catchy. Also unsuitable for singing out loud in polite company, I always have to watch myself. 😀

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