Double Turns!

Jazz class has resumed today! I had been wondering how much I have forgotten during the four weeks’ break, and the answer is, surprisingly: not much.

One thing was special about today’s class though: I don’t think I have ever seen this many people there before. Only one person appeared to be completely new, most of the others were from the advanced class or from the salsa lady style class that Y. also teaches. Therefore, the class was anything but easy, from the completely new warm-up routine to the choreography, which seems to require crack cocaine to do properly.

The one simple thing was our walking exercise. We do one of those in every jazz class. It is comprised of various steps and turns that take you across the room in a straight line. Today’s variation included the ever-popular (jazz) pas-de-bourrée followed by a turn, where you turn on one leg, on relevé, while holding the other foot close to your working foot. It almost looks like you’re turning on both feet, but you’re not.

As always, the teacher said: «Those who find it easy can try for a double turn.» Also as always, I automatically assumed that didn’t apply to me. And then the girl next to me started doing double turns.

I take it personally when people who are younger and better-looking than me dance just a little bit better than me. A lot better, I can accept. But a little better feels like you are within reach of catching up.

So I engaged my core and pulled my other leg and arms in and I really pushed myself off that floor and I turned. Twice. Unbelievable! My head is still spinning, in fact! (From success, but mostly because spotting on double turns is really hard.)

My new spirit animal.

I wasn’t perfect, of course. I had to adjust my momentum a couple of times to have the right amount of spin, and the landing wasn’t always smooth. But I turned in time with the music (and in time to see the other girl having the exact same landing difficulties).

You could say it’s been a good class. Now I really should go to bed. I have been neglecting my sleep on account of binge-watching Death Note important reasons, and we all know difficult ballet class on Friday evening will not go well unless one is well-rested.

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