Through reading different dance blogs, I have learned about dance schools’ recitals. Recitals are A Thing. To be precise, they are A Thing That Happens To Other People. Or so I thought.

While we were stretching in yesterday’s modern class, Jaina made an announcement. The school will be staging a large-scale dance theatre piece, with everyone from every class  allowed to participate – from the tiniest ballet kiddies to the old and creaky adults. Even – and I made a point of asking – a rank beginner such as myself.

The piece will be based off Cinderella and performed on a week-end in June at the city theatre. There will be rehearsals in class next year, as well as large-scale run-through on two week-ends in May. The people who participated in the last production assured everyone it was loads of fun and that, no matter how bad you were, you would get to practice the steps so many times that you could perform them while unconscious. Jaina told us to think about it, so I signed up right away. Thinking being another Thing That Happens To Other People.

So there you have it: my first dance recital. Although it isn’t technically my first at all: When I took dance classes a kid, we performed often. Signing up for a recital may seem crazy after coming to class for all of five times, but then again, I did ask politely whether lack of skill was a reason to stay out of it. And it will be a great experience to have – and to write about.

In other news, Jaina walked us through that frustrating choreography again, and I finally got all of it. I may not be such a hopeless case after all!

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