Such Social Media. Wow.

On this blog, I talk (mostly) about dancing. So when I talk about this blog, I talk about myself talking about dancing, which is ever so meta.

Anyway, because I like to pretend that this is A Blog and not just a blog (though not yet to the point where the delusions would require medical attention), the site’s address is now and the ads are gone. Also, as is only right and proper for A Blog, the Dork now has social media channels! Well, other social media channels, since WordPress technically already counts as a social media platform.

The Facebook page can be found here (or in the blog’s sidebar). It has four followers by now, which definitely makes me a superstar and internet-famous enough to put «blogger» on the very top of my CV. In large, bold letters.

I am also on Twitter, here (or in the sidebar), as @dorky_dancing.

The true reason I actually opened up those channels is, of course, not fame. The Facebook page serves to keep the incessant blog updates out of the faces of people who aren’t interested in dance (yes, they exist!). And Twitter just always held a magical fascination for me. Like the many, many diaries I started and abandoned as a teenager, Twitter is something I always wanted to have but never knew what to do with.

If you’re on either, come by and we can hang out! I will post hilarious things, dance-related things and blog things. And, of course, I will love you forever. Or at least until you unfollow. 😛

Office Dog will be very sad if you don’t follow.

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