Intermediate and All That Jazz

Intermediate jazz class finally happened on Wednesday and it was… perfectly fine. I’m almost a bit underwhelmed by how much it was exactly what I expected. With less explaining of the basics, there’s more substance to the class. That, and we progressed through the combinations much faster than in Beginner. The other students are certainly better than me at many (though possibly not all) things, but it’s not an unattainable godlike level of better. So hooray for my first intermediate class! It will likely remain my only one for a while, because modern is not separated into levels and ballet is ballet.

While looking into the ballet class hierarchy right now, I discovered a small-group modern course at the same school and I’m intrigued I’m slightly dissatisfied with my modern class right now, because there are so many people. I’m spoiled that way: it’s rare for us to be more than ten in jazz and my ballet class only allows eight, so I get claustrophobic easily. But I’m going to stick with modern as-is for now, at least until the recital. Besides, my stretching class is in the same building and there’s no way I’m quitting that before I have all my splits.

Apropos of stretching: that demonic circle of death aka the yoga wheel? It worked so amazingly well on my stone-hard trapezius that I actually bought one. The colour makes it even more demonic.

I think I’ll call it the Murder Death Wheel.

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