Fixing Things

I have now officially resumed all my classes except stretching and nothing very exciting happened. I haven’t forgotten anything, I didn’t lose all my conditioning  – or any, of course, since all I missed was a week of classes. In some ways, I came back better than I left.

One thing that makes me satisfied is that I fixed, am fixing or was involved in fixing some minor issues, such as:

  • My hamstring. This is still a work in progess but my daily «physiothreapy» is working great. Between last Wednesday’s jazz class and yesterday’s modern I have regained a noticeable amount of pain-free flexibility. I still skipped stretching class just in case.
  • A classmate’s turnout (I helped). A ballet classmate asked M. why she seemed to not be able to maintain the turnout in her standing leg in passé relevé. While M. was trying to replicate the problems and tell her which muscles to work (she’s great at that sort of thing), I noticed said classmate brutally forcing her turnout, going into first by bending her knees and then placing her feet one by one. I got told off for this myself in the summer course, so I showed my classmate the «test» Birdie had me do, which is just standing with feet together and legs straight and then using your turnout muscles to go into first. By then M. had seen the whole thing and confirmed the «diagnosis». My classmate was disappointed by this much less spectacular turnout at first, but then she tried the passé relevé again and was able to maintain it perfectly.
  • My cold feet in modern. This sounds like a minor feat (heh), but I’ve been struggling with this issue for several weeks now: no matter the warm-up, I would have icy cold feet in modern – only the feet and only in modern. The jazz studio is always freezing and no cold feet presented themselves there. No amount of warm-up clothing, leg warmers and fluffy socks helped. I finally solved the problem by simply taking all that crap off. Turns out they only get cold when they sweat. Should’ve thought of this sooner.
  • My ability to keep up with the modern choreography. This magically fixed itself by the expedient of two weeks of not thinking about it at all. I was able to keep up with it with no apparent difficulty yesterday. I think Jaina was impressed. (This may have something to do with the new coffee machine at the office, which produces a brew which is both palatble and free – an unheard-of luxury I’ve been enjoying a little too much.)

4 thoughts on “Fixing Things

  1. Ours used to be gross and cost a lot, now it’s free and tasty – and the machine even makes latte macchiato and capuccino! We are quite amazed.


  2. My happiness at how well you’ve come back after your short break is slightly surpassed by my happiness that you get free and tasty coffee at work. I’m not sure what that says about me. 🙂

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