New Clothes!

No emperors were harmed in the making of this post, I promise!

I had to go to the Big City on Friday for reasons unrelated to dance. Friday also happened to be payday and I happened to have some time for shopping. I decided to buy something pretty to wear on week-end outings. And then I saw that the ballet shop was having a sale.

This particular ballet shop is the only one of its kind for miles and miles. It has a broad selection of dance clothes and shoes of all kinds. It also has a web shop. The return policy of the web shop is somewhat complicated, I had no idea about all the sizes and the shop isn’t hard for me to get to so I resolved to go there in person. The first couple of times I sorta just snuck away again because I was afraid they’d peg me for Not A Real Dancer™ and possibly point and laugh (not kidding, this is how my mind works sometimes). I confided in a ballet classmate who very reasonably suggested that the girls workig there might a) not be dancers themselves and b) not actually care who buys the stuff.

With that in mind I had a pleasant shopping experience. The salespeople were nice and  helpful and not pointing and laughing as far as I was aware. Neither were the local dance academy students who were too busy trying on various shoes they needed for an upcoming performance. I tried on a ton of stuff most of which fit me wonderfully. I even found several leotards that can be worn over a sports bra. (The piece of cloth that counts for an integrated bra in most leos just gives me a slightly saggy uniboob. It really isn’t all that appealing.) There are several models that hide all the straps, so I can finally wave goodbye to exposing my lower back to the cold, cold air while doing the downward facing dog or the forward port-de-bras. I also bought tights, shorts, a super-cute warm-up-thingy and a pair of shoes.

The haul.

Having very successfully acquired well-fitting, comfortable and sexy-looking dance clothes, I decided to go shopping for jeans.

It did not go well.

A logical assumption: dance clothes are made for mostly slender, often tiny dancers, right? Whereas they make street clothes for all kinds of people, right? Well, I don’t know who they make jeans for, but it’s certainly not me. Nothing fits, with most models managing to simultaneously create a muffin top and be way too loose in a perverted Schroedinger’s pants effect that doesn’t even have the decency to resolve when you observe it. I need to figure out a way to just wear dance clothes all the time.

In other news, it appears that my modern studio is celebrating 40 years of teaching people to dance. They sent an advent calendar. Cute, right?

Moomin for scale and privacy.

4 thoughts on “New Clothes!

  1. Moomin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s too cute! I loved those stories as a kid.

    I feel you about the jeans. I’m ample of hip and short…nothing fits me. Wearing dance clothes all the time is a style I can get behind.

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  2. I still love the Moomins! 😀 There’s beauty in a well-told children’s story, it can express things your adult self knows are complex in a heartbreakingly simple way without reducing their complexity. And the Moomins are so darn adorable, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s a good idea! Unfortunately, most of my dorky shirts are too baggy for class. I have cat leggings though. 😀
    We used to have a guy who always came to ballet class with Spongebob socks.


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