Christmas of the Subs, Part II

I’m alive and well, in case you missed me. (I am also alive and well in case you didn’t miss me. Just saying.) I haven’t been posting much because of many, many reasons such as:

  • Writing a commissioned text
  • Compulsively catching up on my reading after NaNoWriMo
  • Looking up information and inspiration for new tarantula enclosures. I have recently acquired a new little monster and now two of the three beasts are getting pretty new enclosures with plants and whatnot. It’s not like they care, but I do. Besides, terrestrial tarantulas will often be mostly subterranean tarantulas, so I want the tanks to look interesting even in the absence of their occupants.
  • Accidentally finding this amazing and hilarious blog about houseplants and attempting to read it all while simultaneously making grandiose plans to expand my plant collection. Good thing the weather is not conducive to transporting houseplants by bus.
  • Struggling with a tiny and very polite sinus infection that only makes itself evident in the mornings. I wake up tired, with a slightly hurting face and drag myself around until noon contemplating taking cold medication by which point the issue resolves itself – until the next morning.

I skipped modern on Monday. I probably shouldn’t have, but then again, there was a big football game going on and it wasn’t clear when and whether the buses would run through the city center and whether the buses and the city center would be filled with large numbers of possibly drunk people, so maybe I should have. Walking was feasible, but I was not entirely sure encountering possibly drunk people on the dark street instead of on the bus would be much better. So I stayed home and felt a little bit bad. But only a little bit.

By today’s jazz class, I was somewhat starved for dancing. So of course we didn’t do any, but that was alright.

Today’s sub was supposed to be Frodo, but she caught whatever fascinating pathogen is currently wandering around and couldn’t come, so Opal subbed for her. (A sub for a sub? This is Christmas of the subs indeed.) My fears that I had completely alienated her were not confirmed. I totally sucked up to her anyway by telling her last week’s lesson was cool (which it was).

Today, she seemed to be nursing a bit of an injury so she had us do a good warm-up, core exercises and a lot of stretching. We worked in pairs both on the core and on the stretching. My partner, who is super-cute, super-good at dancing and always contagiously happy, complimented my core strength. It reminded me that I really shouldn’t skip modern and its strenuous and apparently very effective core routine.

All in all, it was a very pleasant class. I will definitely have some DOMS tomorrow, but that is always the case with the subs, since they have you do at least some unfamiliar exercises. Last week’s soreness was a bucket of fun in ballet, because of course M. had us do the very same exercises I got sore from in the first place – grands battements and pliés à la seconde.

But for now, I am back to my work-tarantulas-houseplants-Christmas-presents-and-sinus-problems-infused life. Regular blogging services will resume shortly! I hope you are all doing well and wish those of you who I know aren’t doing well a lot of strength to overcome the challenges.

6 thoughts on “Christmas of the Subs, Part II

  1. OMG, thank you for linking to <> I have read like two posts now and I love it already.

    And I, too, am contemplating capturing more victims to slowly murde… Um, buying a couple more houseplants (since my bro-in-law murdered my little Sago in my behalf, though entirely by mistake, which I guess makes it more like negligent planticide anyway).

    One thing that might help make grand battement less soreness-inducing is to use more foot-friction, so instead of having to lift the working leg, you’re building potential energy and then releasing it (though you might be doing this already). Several of my instructors have spoken of thinking of the trajectory as down, *then* up or out.

    You still have to engage the living daylights of our the supporting leg, of course, and use some strength in the way back down.

    In related news some reason, my supporting leg just did not ever want to engage today, so my grand battement turned into a kind of invisible hula hoop routine, which was all the more embarrassing when we repeated it on relevé… :O

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  2. Right? I’ve already read almost two years worth of posts (which explains why I don’t have time for anything else…) and I am convinced the guy is some sort of plant demi-god. And he writes great, I never knew plants could be this funny. Negligent planticide happens a lot – I’m guilty of it, too. Now I just try not to buy demanding plants even if I really love them – like the coral bead plant (or Nertera granadensis, since Mr. Subjunctive commands us to use the scientific names.) It’s ever so pretty, but…
    Thank you for the advice, I’ll be sure to take it! I did notice the grands battements get significantly harder when we do a piqué in between and don’t get to use the foot. In jazz, we were doing grands battements out of a, basically, tombé, with the back lwg swinging forward while the working leg straightened. You can cover some distance that way, but it’s u familiar. Though technically, if you do it right, you should still use the foot.
    Invisible hula hoop sounds great!

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  3. (My early morning sausage fingers sent off the reply before I was done typing…)
    I was going to say, invisible hula hoop sounds fun. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I tried to do grands battements in relevé. I suspect it would involve a lot of falling over. 😀

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  4. we did an awesome thing last week that was like: arms to 5th, three grand battes a la seconde to each side, closing behind each time so you travel a bit, 4th, soutenu en-dedans and reverse the arms, pdb, repeat, repeat the battes but closing in front and travelling forward, repeat the turns phrase but en-dehors, so you pass through where you started.

    very much “bloody hell! I dun a ballets!”. also, sore.

    and then I utterly screwed up in modern class showing. ah well, back in class tonight.

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  5. Whoa, that sounds strenuous!
    Screwing up just happens sometimes, I think. I noticed I can do absolutey no pirouettes on some days – not even close, and the harder I try the worse I get. And on other days it’s like woo-hoo, turnsies!


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