Happy Holidays!

Of course I got sick just in time for the holidays. This is as much part of the holiday tradition as accidentally buying the biggest Christmas tree that will fit into our flat. This year, it has cost me two dance lessons, one day of work and a lot of teeth grinding at the inconvenience. I also had a long-ish dizzy spell where I could hardly walk straight. Google told me I either had viral labyrinthitis or was about to die horribly, but three hours later, I could hold a passé relevé balance, so I believe no dying is scheduled.

Be that as it may, the monstrous tree is up, the presents are packed I’m well stocked-up on meds and looking forward to Christmas with the family. Whether and whatever you celebrate, I wish you a good time at it. See you on the other side of the holiday food coma!

Not the sharpest picture, but a pretty, fluffy and enormous tree. ❤

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