2017 Is a Prime Number

This does not mean anything. It just is.

I read a lot of interesting, cool, inspiring and sad «2016 In Review» posts here and on Facebook. I enjoyed them so much that I started to write my own yesterday – and failed. Somehow I felt too unimportant to do one of those, or maybe my achievements didn’t seem monumental enough. Even though I grew up with New Year and not Christmas being the main holiday of the year, I don’t put much stock in it nowadays. I set goals whenever I feel like it, so my only New Year’s resolution is 4K (because we just bought a new TV).

That said, there is merit in a brief, structured backwards glance, so I decided to catch up. Even though it’s 2017 already.

I’ve had a great 2016, political events notwithstanding. I really got into dancing, keeping up with jazz class and adding ballet and hiphop to it, which I later replaced with modern. I started this blog and got to know you, cool people.

In non-dance-related news, this was the first full year I was earning a full salary in my chosen profession. A new and better job in my chosen profession will be the next step, but only starting February, when I will have time to breathe again.

I also experienced and did a lot of cool things. They may not seem deeply meaningful, but they were to me and they are me, and in a way, I’ve shown more autonomy this past year than in my entire previous life. I’ve spent time with my beloved grandmother. I’ve went on holiday with the SO – for the very first time after five years of relationship! I’ve got a new tattoo, which has been a dream for years, and bought my first tarantula, which has been a dream for even more years. (I also bought my second and third tarantula and then made fancy new enclosures for two of them in the very last week of 2016.) I’ve met new people, finished my first NaNoWriMo, went to a ton of amazing shows and concerts, finally got through a year without major financial troubles and was generally much happier and more emotionally stable than I’ve been in the last fourteen years.

And on the first day of 2017, I’ve already written an article and a blog post. Lack of productivity is frequent but short-lived around here.

And now, I’m looking forward to returning to dance next week! Happy New Year to all of you!

Here’s my mom’s disgruntled-looking but really very sweet cat for no reason whatsoever.

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