I Am Not Dead (Yay!)

In the last couple of weeks, all the deadlines happened at once. This blog was one of the aspects of my life that I completely neglected between working Sundays, rushing to all my dance classes and trying to have a social life. (I can go a good long while without the latter, but someone bought an astonishing number of event tickets for January, probably thinking it would be boring and depressing. Well, it definitely wasn’t.)

What work was basically like these past few weeks.

Some interesting things happened dance-wise that I will try to write about. I’m sure a lot of interesting things happened to everyone else and I will also try to catch up on my reading of everyone’s blogs. But for now, a short run-down:

  • I went to see the Nutcracker for the first time since I was a kid and it was amazing.
  • We started preparing for our summer showcase in modern and it’s like a leg work-out every week. We’re probably gonna die.
  • I feel very good dance-wise, making progress and having tons of fun. This is refreshing, since I was feeling somewhat «meh» in December.
  • I really, really, really want to add another dance class to my schedule. I want it so much I can hardly decide which one: hip-hop, aerials, acro, pole, contemporary, more ballet, WHAT SHOULD I DO?! But the point is moot for reasons physiological (overuse injuries, anyone?), temporal (I don’t have the time) and financial (I don’t have the money, either). Anyway, I need to sort out my career first, which might shake up the temporal and financial aspects a little.

4 thoughts on “I Am Not Dead (Yay!)

  1. w00t! Glad to hear you’re not dead, Dorky! (Just realized that the world needs a whole new category of greeting cards to celebrate being “Not Dead Yet!”)

    If your schedule ever does allow for another class, I am voting for Moar Ballet!

    I should, however, probably recuse myself due to a conflict of interest in the form of an existing bias in favor of ballet 😛

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  2. I’m glad I’m not dead, too! 😀 It’s good to be back. Moar ballet would definitely make for even faster progress, but… I would really like to dance hip-hop! And I’ve always dreamed of doing at least a little bit of acrobatics as a kid, but I only now realise I could actually learn some! And aerials are just so pretty and would strengthen my core and help keep the strain off my feet and knees! And and and I wanna do all the thingzzz!!!

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