Things Your Dancing Should Not Look Like, Part 1

An anthill.

(As Y. commented today after a combination we mixed up a lot as well as did out of sync with the music and with each other.)

No squiggly, wriggly, crawly mass of bodies. Noted.

That said, an anthill is actually quite an ordered place where everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. As opposed to us.

4 thoughts on “Things Your Dancing Should Not Look Like, Part 1

  1. Ha, I’m glad it’s not just my teacher! Some of our comments have been we should not look like we’re at a hoe down, doing a farm dance, have noodle legs, or look like robots. Ant hill’s a colorful one!

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  2. I dunno, “anthill” seems like a legit subject for a modern dance piece. Definitely set to something by Philip Glass, of course. Hmmmm. *quietly files this in Choreographic Ideas folder*

    Of course, it’s probably not what one is really trying for in ballet or jazz.

    My modern class, meanwhile, at present largely comprises LF reminding us (a bunch of ballet nerds) not to be so polite and instructing us to act like animals (not ants, though, thus far) 😀

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  3. Funny—in rehearsal last night, we were making fun of ourselves by doing hoedown-style dances on the side 😀 Evidently, we’ve soundly internalized the idea that Ballet Is Not A Hoedown!

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  4. Anthill. Internet packets. Democracy. Anarchy. yeah, self-organisation is quite a theme. also you’re not meant to be like a tsunami, according to Cap’n Marmite last night. (combination: 4th posé/grand jété/assemblé turning centre-wards/tendu to 4th posé/repeat other side/repeat some more through all four corners. yeah, thirty-odd dancers was a bit of a human wave.)

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