From Suboptimal To Optimal Sub

Y. is currently on vacation somewhere snowy and sunny, so yesterday, we had jazz with a sub. When I walked in and saw her, I was like «Hell yeah, someone new!». And then I heard her voice and went «Hell no, we’ve had her before!» I have a terrible memory for faces and names, but I remember her super-sweet primary-school-teacher-voice from one of the worst jazz lessons I have ever had.

I had only been doing the whole dancing thing for a couple of months and was still terribly terrible at it, but getting better, at least, at the stuff we usually did in class. So when someone very cheerful and very sweet turned up and tried to make me do things I was still very terrible at, I took it personally.

Needless to say, I am aware, and was aware at the time, that my resentment in these situations is always down to my own issues and not in any way the fault of the teacher. Dancing has given me a wonderful opportunity to practice getting over it. So I wasn’t really worried about the class – and it went great! Her style was very appealing to me and a couple of others, very jazzy, with a lovely lyrical choreography. Y. likes to mix things up, so we will often do reggae or burlesque instead of your actual jazz and sometimes, we miss it a bit.

I’ve noticed before that having class with the same sub every now and then can really make your progress apparent to you. I was able to follow along perfectly well, which really drove home to me how far I’ve come in the past year. Not only am I better at jazz now, but ballet has really done things for my pliés, tendus and jetés and modern has really helped with the flow and the swings and the contractions. Yesterday’s class really made me appreciate dancing all the more.

Also, my mom made my appreciation for dance even deeper by thanking me for getting her into it. «I would never have gotten the idea to go to a jazz or ballet class on my own and I’d just be sulking around gyms now!», she said. Seeing how she’s my (formerly single) mother, it’s definitely the least I could do.

In other news, my SI joint is mostly behaving these days. I do the pelvic clock exersise and some stretches twice a day, which seems to be helping a lot. I have also temporarily suspended the use of the dorkmobile, which almost certainly contributed to the problem. The jazz class seems to have improved the situation further and I’m hoping it will all go away soon.

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