New Book And Some Updates

20170226_172227.jpgTo my great shame, I must admit that I still haven’t finished two of the anatomy books I bought around the time I started this blog. But not reading a book has never stopped me from buying another book, so I got myself Liane Simmel’s Dance Medicine in Practice. I  can’t remember how I first found out about it (was it one of you guys? I think it was), but it was on my list and so I ordered it.

I did neglect to look at its description too closely and ended up with an English translation of a German book. I would have preferred the original language to the translation, but that’s what I get for not paying attention. Regardless, I’m determined to read it and will post a summary of the most interesting insights once I’m done. But first, there are some other things on the horizon.

Next Friday, I’ll be flying off to Kiev with my mother and brother to celebrate Grandma’s 70th birthday. I’m looking forward to seeing the family and friends, even though it could prove stressful to be surrounded by people 24/7. We’ll be back Wednesday afternoon, but probably too late for me to make it into jazz. Fortunately, modern class takes place on Fridays starting next week, so I’ll only miss one dance class.

The reason modern will change days is because of the showcase. The regular class will continue on Mondays, while those of us with misplaced ambitions will practice our routine for the recital on Fridays. The Friday class is fifteen minutes longer, which is great.

We had already started practicing some quadriceps-killing moves in modern, but last week, we finally began learning the choreography. It looks really cool and I’m looking forward to learning my first full dance and to polishing it to perfection. (Or at least as close to perfection as an adult beginner can get.)

I take modern and ballet at completely different schools, so it was a coincidence that on Thursday, M. decided we all needed more pliés. All the pliés. The biggest pliés. Instead of doing two petit pliés and one grand in first, second, fourth and fifth on both sides, she had us do four grand pliés and one petit in each position on both sides, sprinkled with some cambrés and relevés. At least we got to face the barre. Needless to say, that lesson turned out to be quite strenuous. Fortunately, I currently have a diclofenac prescription, so I could still walk the next day.

The reason I have the prescription is a weird painful blister under the callus on my right heel, which I have ignored for several weeks, until the pain got worse and I decided OMG it’s an abscess and I’m gonna die from blood poisoning any day now. The doctor ruled out a heel spur and gave me heel cushions and anti-inflammatory medication, which has been helping. I’m glad neither of my dance classes is particularly reliant on the heel, because the cushions are annoying and the thought of sticking them in my ballet slippers is ludicrous.

My annoying, but helpful heel cushions next to the shoes I stick them in. This is also a great illustration of why I love wearing Docs. Not only do they come in a bazillion of colours and prints, they also have a truly enormous toebox – great for splayed feet.

5 thoughts on “New Book And Some Updates

  1. I had something like that; I sterilised a blade, drained it, stuck a Competed on it, lashed in place with a length of stretch plaster. Was OK, but glad the gf didn’t walk in on me hacking at my foot with a knife.

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  2. I was going to say the same thing 😀

    Glad to hear that the blister didn’t result in septicaemia! Also, the little heel cups look rather like those gel pointe-shoe cups that some of the girls have.

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