Next Friday, rehearsals for the modern recital start for real! I was super-relaxed about the whole thing, but I realised during today’s class that we only have three months to practice – with just one class per week!

When I am nervous about a big project, I make lists to break it down. It’s time to make a list of…

Modern Rehearsal Essentials

  1. Knee pads (because floor parts)
  2. Socks or tights (also because floor parts)
  3. Memorization by repeating steps in my head at least twice a day
  4. Hip adductor strengthening exercises: this one is my particular problem that none of my classmates seem to share. Every time we repeatedly rise from or go down on the floor with the weight on one leg, the adductors on that leg cramp, tremble and try to kill me with DOMS in the following days. My semi-educated guess is that it’s the gracilis, which should be involved in both the flexion of the knee and the stabilisation of the pelvis in this instance. Anyway: adductor exercises, and a lot of them.

That’s it for now. We have already learned a sizable chunk of the choreography, set to awesome music. Fortunately, modern seems like such a natural dance to me, so remembering it is easy – much easier than jazz or, Odin forbid, ballet.

After we had finished learning said sizable chunk, Jaina said, «Great! We’re almost done… with the first part.» I file that under minor student deception. Just like what she says about floor jumps (yes, that’s a thing): «If you land on the top of your feet it won’t hurt… much

3 thoughts on “Rehearsalist

  1. Oh, funny! I’m finally reading <> (embarrassingly late, given that my whole family had probably read it by the time I was 3).

    I love it when teachers be like, “Got it?” and we’re like, “Yes!” and they’re like, “Good! On to Part B…” and we’re like o_____o,

    Also, I feel about ballet as you do about modern. D and I had that conversation last night, when I was trying to explain to him the difference between remember ballet choreo and remembering modern choreo.

    BG says w’ere in for another 45 seconds tonight. It is amazing how long 45 seconds can be in rehearsal years 😀

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  2. Reading Hitchhiker’s Guide? Have fun! 😀 I love it.
    Haha, yeah, teachers have to keep us motivated somehow. Even if it is by saying “You’re doing great, but try to do it correctly next time.”
    45 seconds is a lot! I think we’re about that far now and it took two classes to learn!

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