First Rehearsal: Blood and Chaos

The first modern rehearsal… went. Not well, or even badly – it just went.

I started by accidentally showing up an hour early and then panicking quietly in the dressing room, because everyone who arrived was from the Friday class and not my Monday one (and much younger than me). Then they all proceeded to discuss choreography I have never heard of before, which did nothing to calm me down.

Fortunately, the tables turned as soon as the rehearsal started. First, it was led by Jaina, and not Friday’s teacher. She told us that the Friday group would perform their part of the choreography, then us Mondays were supposed to follow with ours while Fridays gradually joined us until everyone was dancing together. This led to poor Fridays having to learn all of our choreography in an hour whereas it took us three lessons to get there. We, on the other hand, were not required to learn anything. 

Apart from torturing Fridays, today’s rehearsal was intended for Jaina to figure out how to do the handovers between the two groups. In the final piece, each dancer will know her exact spot and the exact time she has to be there. Today, Jaina told us to «just run into the other group really quickly and start dancing», which was the part that… went the most.

It didn’t help that the choreo, beautiful though it is, involves a lot of swinging around of various extremities. That’s modern for you. If your studio is small and there are a lot of people dancing, it quickly turns into a contact sport.

There are also very pretty floor jumps that involve landing on the back of your feet. This gets moderatly painful in slippers, so I was considering switchung to socks. Today dissuaded me, because the rehearsal ended with one of the Friday girls bleeding all over the floor through her socks. To be fair, it took her a moment to realise it was her blood, so I doubt it was particularly painful. (At least not until the shower.) I think I’ll wear footed tights with my slippers – that should take care of the problem.

I don’t think Jaina is quite satisfied with our progress, because she told us all to come to class on Monday once more. Oh well – who am I to turn down a free dance class?

My brain was definitely weird today: First, I showed up too early, then I danced with the wrong group, started in the wrong place, nearly forgot all of my stuff and finally definitely forgot my water bottle. Good thing we didn’t actually have to learn any new steps this time.

2 thoughts on “First Rehearsal: Blood and Chaos

  1. “Blood and Chaos” and equally good as either the name of an old-school death metal band *or* the title of almost any modern dance production! 😀

    It seems like everyone in the dance world is rehearsing things right now. I can’t wait to hear how the performance goes!

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