I Feel Like Desmond the Moonbear

Namely thus:

And the reason I feel like this is, of course, modern. Jaina had us all come in today to practice the recital choreo some more. Everyone who isn’t participating was looking forward to getting rid of us and our choreography and so they were veeeeeery happy to see us there.

This whole recital thing really makes me feel like I’m in over my head. Though, unlike Desmond, I actually do know exactly how I got here. I opened my mouth and said the words «I’m new here and I have no idea what I’m doing, can I join in?» out loud. And I still want it. My inner wimp just keeps reminding me that it’s gonna be haaaaard.

It’s not going too badly though. I got some good, targeted corrections today. The choreo mostly stays in my head. The backs of my feet and one of my knees are a little bit banged up from the floor jumps, but I’ve definitely seen worse before. If all else fails, at least this’ll be fun to blog about!

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