Salsa Is Strange

As you know, the dork is firmly ensconsed in performance dance. My experiences with ballroom dancing are limited to the waltz we had to learn for primary school graduation and the two times I was actually at a party as a teen and someone attempted to teach me salsa and disco fox respectively. I don’t remember any steps.

The most recent time someone tried to teach me salsa was in jazz class yesterday. Y. is a dance allrounder – she does, or did at some point do, ballroom, afro, reggae, modern, jazz and whatnot. She mixes elements of all that into our warm-ups. So yesterday, she asked the intermediate class whether it was okay if we did some salsa instead of the usual across-the-floor technique.

Now, I don’t really like it when she does that. Because where modern comes naturally to me and ballet makes perfect sense, all that «wobbly» stuff danced with a more relaxed spine is completely alien. It certainly doesn’t hurt me to try and learn that too, but boy, am I bad at it. The small repetitive movements and the swing of the pelvis just seem wrong. Plus, having never done this before, I lack the coordination for the upper body movements.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t have anything against salsa. I like watching salsa. I like the music. I have a friend who does salsa (hi, dude!). But I think I’ll stick with the one that goes on the nachos, myself. Besides, I still need to learn more in modern, ballet and jazz and get into hiphop and contemporary somehow (I wonder whether I’ll ever have the time and money for more classes).

3 thoughts on “Salsa Is Strange

  1. I haven’t tried salsa (the dance; I’m a big fan of the food kind!), though I’d like to—but I’m with you, here. My body seems to have trouble with things that are emphatically Not Ballet until I’m so far down the spectrum that I’m in the strange and glorious realm of Pilobolus.

    Salsa looks like so much fun, but I feel like I’d have to learn it in a really low – pressure setting so I can take me time shaking the ballet out of my spine first 😀

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  2. Ballet is helping, but I still have issues doing anything that doesn’t involve complete rigid upper body and straight, non-moving arms. I feel your pain!

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  3. Yes, I can imagine it’s difficult! But, lets face it: we’re adult dance students. If we reeeeeally wanted to learn that, too – we totally would. 😉


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