Teacher’s Tricks

Jaina is a master of student deception by understatement. She regularly tricks us all into doing things we think we can’t. It goes like this:

Jaina: I’m gonna show you a little something from the next bit of the choreography. *sits down comfortably* You all remeber the shoulder stand from school PE classes?

Everyone: *nods hesitantly*

Jaina: We’re gonna do something like that. Try to point your legs straight up.

Everyone: *tries*

Jaina: Have you got it?

Everyone: Well, sorta.

Jaina: Great! Oh, I forgot to mention: we’ll be doing it from a standing position!

Everyone: o_O 

Everyone: *tries anyway* *succeeds against all expectations*

Well played, teacher. I see what you did there.

3 thoughts on “Teacher’s Tricks

  1. Hahaha, this reminds me of BG’s method of springing the Apollo jump on me last Monday:

    BG (probably fully knowing that no danseur on earth is going to say ‘No,’ to this): “You know the Apollo jump, right?”

    Me (unable to admit that I’m not at all sure I have any idea if I’ve ever done it before): ._.’ “Um … I think so?”

    BG: “Great, so you do this turn in second and then you go run run and Apollo jump and…”

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  2. Teacher: Now, we’re going to do this, and then the turn and then…
    Class: tries very hard
    Teacher: Oh, you never did this before? I am sorry, I forgot*… let’s break it down then
    Class: realizes that the crazy combination can actually be done
    (*haha, he didn’t)

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  3. It’s the opposite of what Jaina does – start with the hardest version, then break it down. That works, too! My jazz teacher takes that route, as well.

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