Third Rehearsal: It’s Happening

The tickets for our performance are already on sale. The costumes are on their way, even though both teachers evade questions about their appearance, which is somewhat disquieting.

I wasn’t feeling great before the rehearsal. I’ve had a week full of long days, my head and my heel were hurting and I was not at all looking forward to learning new choreography today.

But then we started and all of that went away. I like the new steps a lot, especially the floor part, and we were able to dance it all without the teachers by the end of the rehearsal. I love dancing and this recital is an amazing challenge and a chance many adult beginner dancers don’t get to have.

Although, if I’m honest, all these logical considerations don’t work on my bad moods – dancing does.And dammit, but the silly «walking through the room randomly and making eye contact with people» exercise works, too. Even (or perhaps especially) on people disinclined to do that voluntarily.

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