Dance classes last week have been very meh and it has carried over into today’s modern. I suppose it’s not at all surprising, since I’ve had an annoying cold for the entire week, slept poorly and couldn’t stay at home because of deadlines. It still bugs me, though.

It proooobably doesn’t help that I’ve been overdoing a lot of different things despite the cold (as one does), having spent my entire three-day week-end in a houseplant frenzy, buying, cutting and repotting things. It was totally worth it, because I made a hermetosphere and got two beautiful orchids and a large palm. On the downside, I’m tired, my back is achy and I my performance in modern was less than ideal.

Like I said, totally worth it.

In the good news, I’ve been taking less pain meds for my heel. I’ve had a second round of cryotherapy, which hurt like hell, but I feel like the daily pain levels have gone down. At least when I don’t run around all day long carrying palms and aquarium substrate. Ahem.

I have decided to call the bloody wart Bernd, after a certain right-wing German politician, quite a repugnant fellow who finally annoyed even his own party to the point that they kicked him out. See the similarities?

Other than that, modern is making me blue… and black. I’ve had lovely bruises on both knees for a while now. Today, they are joined by a bruised back, because apparently, a leo with a seam down the center of the spine isn’t great for rolling around on the floor. Now I know.

How do you get through periods of “meh” when cutting down on either work or dance is not really an option?

4 thoughts on “Meh

  1. The Modern classes sound intense – more power to you! Hope you start feeling better soon too. I’m *finally* over my cold that lingered for about two weeks as well. Misery loves company, right? 🙂

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  2. I love modern, but it involves showing the floor lots of love. 😀
    Great to hear that you are getting back to health! Colds are stupid – they make everything suck just a little bit, but because I’m never “really sick” I always feel bad for underperforming. Oh well, I will survive. 🙂


  3. Oooh, there’s a good question.

    When it comes to getting to (and through) class when I’m feeling meh, I tend to remind myself that A) ::Insert Much-Admired Dancer/Teacher Here:: would go to class under these circumstances, so I should go to class and B) skipping class causes me to recede from the goalposts as they continue to recede in the opposite direction, which is unbearably annoying.

    This works very reliably for ballet and … um … fairly reliably for modern.

    In ballet, I can always press myself by adding, “But what if they do a really cool grand allegro, and I MISS IT??!!!!” (…Which has, in fact, happened more than once :O) This doesn’t work at all for modern, because basically the part of modern I like best is the part I can do at home (floorwork, yeeaaahhh!!!)

    Also, I remind myself that I usually feel better after class than before, even when class itself is beyond mediocre. Sometimes that doesn’t actually prove to be helpful, as my inner five-year-old occasionally counters with, “BUT I DON’T WANNNNA FEEL BETTER!!!!!” 😀

    Failing all of those, I remind myself that I can always leave early if it turns out that I’m actually not feeling physically well enough to be in class. Oddly, I feel less weird about this now that I’m actually kinda-sorta getting paid to dance: like, I feel more like in that situation it’s about saving myself for rehearsal.

    Yesterday, meanwhile, I was on day four of a short but intense cold, and I skipped both my classes (ballet and pilates) just so I could survive rehearsal. That was an interesting set of negotations with my Inner Radical Ballet Terrorist, who believes that ever missing class for any reason should be punishable by seven thousand counts of slow fondu.

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  4. The feeling better and leaving early part is what I do, too! Even if class doesn’t make me feel great, skipping it makes me feel awful, so there’s that. I just wish I were in better shape right now. I should probably take a vacation soon.

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