Fifth Rehearsal: So. Much. Glitter.

I have recovered from both my cold and most of my blergh. (Insider tip: side-front-side upper-body swings are a great way to clear your sinuses, but for all that’s holy bring a tissue.) So Friday’s rehearsal was as fun as it should be. I wrote about it immediately, but I wanted to read all of your blogs before posting it, and that took me until now because I’m Very Busy with Doing Stuff. So here goes!

One of the groups that practices before us has definitely got their costumes already because the entire floor was covered in glitter. The kind that you send to your enemies so they’ll never be rid of it, ever. All our floorwork did not noticeably reduce the amount of glitter on the floor, but it did noticeably increase the amount of glitter on us. So at least we were all fabulous today.

My counts for the running part got changed and are now four-one-eight. After the one, I always reminded myself to go on eight and as a result completely lost count again. I really have to improve on that, but Jaina didn’t comment. I think she is saving up a lot of comments for later rehearsal in order not to overwhelm us.

We also learned the twenty counts between the two disjointed choreography bits and they turned out to be quite easy: just four kinds of swings, three of the first, four of the second, one of the third and two of the fourth. (Yes, I am totally misusing this as my personal notebook. Sorry.)

So for now, the dance goes Running – Friday part one – Monday part one with Friday joining – swings – part two. We’ve made a lot of progress and all that’s missing now is the ending and such minor things as being on time, doing the right steps and fitting on the narrow stage without trampling each other. And costumes. Costumes are still missing.

There will be exactly one week of no dance classes because of Easter and I can’t say I’m unhappy about that. Now if only there was no work, either. A girl can dream…

2 thoughts on “Fifth Rehearsal: So. Much. Glitter.

  1. Some things just don’t go into my head so well, either. :/ I have a pet theory that I would do better concentration-wise in a morning class, but it’s just not happening with office hours.

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