Just Give Up (But Only a Little)

Easter break was a quietly lazy time for me. There are periods when I’m very motivated to do things such as write the blog, work, redecorate my house, draw or pursue some other project. My mind just goes, «Let’s do all the things!» This is not one of those times. The last few weeks, my mind was more like, «I’ll have one instant gratification and a beer, please.» I have a lot of work right now, and dancing is pretty much untouchable, so the blog had to give way to the instant gratification.

All in all, Easter added up to one whole week without dancing. I was planning to do some yoga, but instant gratification and all. I regretted that, because my leg muscles tend to turn into painful corkscrews when I’m inactive for more than a couple of days.

Yesterday’s jazz class marked the end of the break. It was also the beginning of a new six-week block and therefore had a new choreography. The class I enjoyed. The choreography, not so much, mostly because I was fairly tired by that point and my heel was sore. The steps were weird, with small, precise movements that seemed counterintuitive. So, when Y. said that we’ll do it just two more times, I gave up on it. I danced it, sure, but with no conscious effort on my part at all.

So naturally, I nailed it. So much so, that Y. comment. What do we learn from this? Sometimes, it’s better not to think. But I’m guessing we knew that already.

The next four weeks, Y. will be on vacation in the states and we’ll be having class with subs. I’m looking forward to it!

But for now, I have to stop writing. There’s a dude on my train talking countinuously into a phone in a language I cannot place. This irritates me, because I keep focusing on the sound instead of the writing, hoping I’ll hear a clue. It sounds like an impossible mixture of French and Arabic, but it definitly isn’t French, the pronunciation is much too soft for Arabic and the intonation is wrong. It’s nothing Germanic or Romanic and it’s not Slavic, either. I realise this leaves A LOT of languages, but still, I just wish I knew what it was so I could stop trying to place it.

One thought on “Just Give Up (But Only a Little)

  1. My brain does that, too. In the school / dance term I do everything and end up all exhausted. During the holiday break I do nothing but walk around the house and think ‘hmm, I really should be doing something.’ Good luck for the next four weeks of subs!

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