Sixth Rehearsal: Costumes!

We finally found out what we’re going to be wearing! The look we’re aiming for are simple tunics in earth tones, with a possibly silver belt, and black leggings and a black tank top underneath. The tunics are nightshirts from H&M, which are going to be dyed. As long as we don’t fall asleep, nobody is going to notice. 

We’re also going to be barefoot, which means I need to get some tape for my heel. The doctor estimates he can remove the wart in about ten cryotherapy sessions, which means I won’t be rid of it for at least three months. And since it’s painful, susceptible to infection and somewhat contagious, I’ll have to cover it. Gonna figure out what the best way to do that is and start rehearsing barefoot – last-minute footwear changes suck. 

There was no rehearsal last Friday, because Easter and stuff. To our great surprise, we realised we still know all the steps. And then Jaina changed them and hilarity ensued. Because we’re fifteen dancers on a fairly narrow stage – and modern tends to cover a lot of ground – we were struggling to fit all of our steps without disappearing in the wings. So the teachers stuck theur heads together over the holidays and changed the direction – and the side – of a floor bit.

Now, I was rather attached to that floor bit. So much so, that I had taken to showing it off in my other classes. It seemed difficult at first, but then it started looking rather nice. Well, guess what – it’s difficult again! Judging by the manic laughter the first time we tried to do the new version, I wasn’t the only one who struggled.

Once that minor confusion was resolved, we danced through it all a couple of times – and by all I mean ALL! We actually know the whole piece now! Or at least the approximate order the steps go in. Our timing is still atrocious. BUT all of the steps are in our head now! There is a lot of individual people milling about and switching places and running around in the piece, which makes it look really cool. The ending is still missing the individual counts when each of us has to run off. Those will be assigned next week.

And then, we’re just gonna have to learn to dance it like we mean it!

2 thoughts on “Sixth Rehearsal: Costumes!

  1. Sounds like things are coming along well! Also -ten cryotherapy sessions?? I don’t have a clue what a ‘cryotherapy’ session is, but I assume its some kind of very painful dry ice procedure and ten is a lot. The costumes sound really awesome, by the way.

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  2. You’re exactly right! He just holds a super-cold applicator to my foot for several minutes, and it does hurt! Walking is also a bit more painful afterwards, but I feel like the average pain levels are getting better. It just takes foreverrrrr. *sigh*
    I’m looking forward to seeing the costumes once they’re dyed. I’ll post a picture. 😀

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