And Now for Something Completely Different

Have you ever gone to class only to find a different class entirely? Happened to me yesterday. Y. has departed for her extended holiday in the States, so we were expecting a sub in jazz. Mom and I usually wait out in the corridor and not inside the studio, because we tend to talk a lot. Which is where we were found by someone from the previous class and informed that the dancing currently being done inside was, in fact, not jazz but hip-hop.

The sub turned out to be an energetic, quirky lady who was subbing for the sub we were supposed to have, and on very short notice, too. Now, I have little experience with teaching, but I have lots of respect for someone who can say, “Go teach a bunch of adults whom I don’t know and who usually do some other dance style in three hours? Sure!” – and teach them well, at that!

In short, we had tremendous fun, learned two little choreos with surprisingly little trouble and filmed one of them from different angles. I’m sure my quads are going to have things to say about all the bouncing and getting low and all that, but otherwise, the lesson wasn’t too hard.

One thing that surprised me were the burpees during warm-up. The sub had us do ten of those, and with quite some speed, too. Now, the last burpees I had done were about two years ago, when trying to get into a semblance of shape after several years of eating potato chips on the couch. I remember being able to do three, at most. It figures that over a year of dancing would imorove my physical fitness somewhat, but I was still really impressed that I managed all ten.

The sub was also rather impressed with all of us, showing her enthusiasm at how quickly we learned the choreography. After class, she said that she usually teaches kids, who are quick to learn even complicated moves, but even quicker to get distracted. Motivated adults (who also pay for classes out of their own pocket) can muster a frightening level of concentration.

Also after class, we talked about how cool dancing was and I mentioned that I have other classes, and we had the following exchange: “You do ballet?” – “Yeah.” – “I could tell.”

That is not the first time people have said that to me, either. Those toes just don’t un-point themselves. What gave me away this time were probably the passés I kept doing to try and wake up my hip abductors. It’s a bit of a give-away if someone does passé relevé at random intervals…

So apparently, ballet really shows.

7 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different

  1. Oh, neat! What a great sub!

    And congrats on the burpees! That’s a reflection of great progress.

    WRT ballet: it’s so satisfying when people call out your Ballet Cred, isn’t it? And you’re spot on about random passé-relevés! That’s another ballet thing I do in the checkout queue when I’m shopping ^-^

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