Seventh Rehearsal: Keep Your Head On

We now officially know the whole entire piece for the modern recital… in theory. On Friday, our teachers praised us with the words, «It looks so great… when you guys are on time.» Which we mostly aren’t. But hey, we’ve got a little more than a month to improve! *gulp*

Besides the steps, we’ve been learning, slowly but surely, the less obvious but equally important stuff. In the beginning, everyone would end up way off their initial spot. Now we have learned to keep our place relative to the others. We know which steps are suitable for adjusting our positions. When we started learning the choreography,  we had to practice in two groups to avoid major traffic accidents. Now, we dance it all so close together – it looks and feels amazing and no one gets hit by stray arms or legs. Unless, like today, the teachers adjust our placement and we have to discover that the new one doesn’t quite work the hard way, like when my foot and my neighbour’s head get all a-tangle during floorwork. But we fixed that, so no worries.

Next Sunday, the first of two gym rehearsals is going to take place. Our studio has less depth and more width than the stage, so that people at the front regularly roundhouse-kick the barre and the ones at the back get a little bit too cozy with the mirror. (We’re rehearsing with our backs to the mirror because A. no mirror on stage (duh) and B. the teachers can perch on the windowsill behind the barre so they get to see what we are doing without also getting roundhouse-kicked by the people in front.) It will be good to have some space. The gym rehearsal will also be the first time we dance in costume and it will mark exactly one month left before the show. This is both cool and terrifying!

And the reason I’m posting this on Wednesday instead of Friday is that I’ve had a hell of a week-end (in a good way), with SO’s birthday celebration, family brunch, tarantula shopping, proof-reading for a friend and a fantasy convention. Now off to jazz!

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