Eleventh Rehearsal: And Now, We Drill

Fortunately, I did not struggle much with learning the recital choreography. Maybe it’s particularly easy or it just comes naturally to me, or, and I suspect this latter is the case, both.

But, as everyone who has danced for a while can confirm and I’m just discovering, once you know the choreography, you don’t actually know the choreography. You pretty much have to learn it again, this time with all the details in the right places. This is what we’ve been doing these past two weeks. Today was no exception. Properly extending the arms, bending the legs and turning our heads in the right direction at the right time seems to be taking just as much work as learning the steps.

Friday teacher swears the drilling is making a huge difference. It certainly helps me feel more secure in the dance. If it makes me look better to boot, I certainly won’t mind. She promised us to film us all. I really hope it won’t be The Great Disillusionment of 2017.

The reason we were never filmed before is that our studio simply doesn’t have enough space to film everybody for the entire duration of the piece. But this week-end, gym rehearsals 2.0 and 3.0 are happening, giving ample opportunity to film the entire group – in costume! 

As I’m super-excited to finally see all of the second act (and maybe, just maybe, I’ll sneak into the gym to watch the first on Sunday morning?), I have a hell of a week-end coming up (in the most positive sense of hell) so that’s it for now!

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