I Feel Validated

I celebrated having survived the rehearsal week-end by going out for dinner with the SO and his mom. We had a great time at a fantastic israeli restaurant with delectable dishes served in very well-meant portions. Having eaten way too much food, delicious and healthy though it was, and chased it all down with coffee, I somehow expected to have a good night’s sleep. Naturally, that didn’t happen. I spent today in a state best described as «ded». Since calling in sick was not an option, I dragged myself to work. And if I can go to work, I can bloody well go to modern class.

Jaina, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to modern class. She was already sick on Friday but powered through eight hours of rehearsals on both Saturday and Sunday, running around, organising people and shouting prompts. The way she sounded on Sunday, I doubt she can even speak right now. I hope she recovers well.

One of the jazz teachers did a splendid job subbing for her. I liked her a lot – she is nice and quick to praise. We learned a little bit of her choreography, an Arabian-themed piece we’ve all been in love with since the first rehearsal. This is the closest us modern dance people are getting to sparkly costumes. *sigh*

After that, she had us do our own piece and gave us some feedback. Or rather she gave the others some feedback. I take this to mean I was totally and mindblowingly awesome. (And it certainly had nothing to do with the fact that two of our more advanced dancers and all of our Friday mates weren’t there.)

Friday’s teacher did promise to send us the video from the gym rehearsals with the words «but don’t let it bother you too much». I have no doubt whatsoever that it will disabuse me of any notion of grandeur. But I will entertain the hell out of it while I still can!

There is a pile of pretty fabrics in the studio corridors, with the words «Touching totally forbidden! :)» on a piece of paper on top of it. I may or may not have touched it.

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