Rehearsal Number I Lost Count, In Which I Didn’t Participate

The surprise jazz lesson on Monday has netted me a lot of confidence and one minor groin strain. It was so mild that it hardly bothered me at all. Remembering my pulled hamstring a while ago, I decided to be as careful as possible in jazz on Wednesday. During warm-up, I realised that «as careful as possible» meant «no dancing at all», so I waved everyone good-bye and went home ice the inside of my thigh. Fortunately, we’ve been having properly warm summer weather these past few weeks – that is not a place you normally want to put cold packs on.

Even the brief and cautious warm-up on Wednesday made it a touch worse. Next time I have a mild strain, I’m not gonna dance AT ALL for at least a week. It’s a good thing I’ve had a learning experience with my hamstring, or I could’ve shrugged the minor strain off until it became major – just in time for the show. Which is in two weeks, not one as I have stated earlier. My calendar skills are lacking.

Since you’re supposed to RICE for three days after the injury and I sorta re-injured myself on Wednesday, rehearsing yesterday was out of the question. But I haven’t missed a single rehearsal yet and I’m not gonna start now. So I went. But, because I’m not entirely stupid, I didn’t dance.

What I did was watch, take a lot of notes and download our rehearsal video from last Sunday from Friday teacher’s Dropbox onto a student’s notebook via my phone. I was surprised by how much appreciation the teachers showed for my showing up anyway. Like, I’m here to learn something, amirite?

One thing I learned is that we as a group and I as an individual don’t look half as bad on video as the teacher was leading us to believe. The drilling we did on the last part right before the gym rehearsals showed impressively. Friday’s teacher promised to send us the video so I can study my particular performance on a larger screen (and possibly with the use of a magnifying glass…), but from what I saw, my validation on Monday might’ve even been justified.

Just so I don’t get too full of myself, I’m going to go ice my thigh and make peace with the idea of skipping all my dance classes next week in order to give it enough time to heal before the final studio rehearsal, not to mention the bloody show!

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