So Much For That

After studying the rehearsal video closely on a sizable screen, I can now confirm that I am way too full of myself. Some moments look really good. Others make me shout at the screen. «THROWING YOUR HEAD BACK IS NOT A CAMBRÉ, YOU IMBECILE!» and «WHY IS THAT KNEE NOT STRAIGHT?! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THAT KNEE IS NOT STRAIGHT?!» have been the two favourites in the one-dork shouting-at-yourself Saturday club, so I guess I’ll have to work on those.

On the other hand, some things really do look nice. Not a perfectly graceful metaphor swan yet, but not as bad as a real swan.*

* If you think real swans are graceful, spend some time watching them. The only thing graceful about a swan is the neck line, and even that only when they are drifting peacefully in the water and not trying to get a bite of your sandwich or, barring that, your face. You want graceful waterfowl, try grebes.


5 thoughts on “So Much For That

  1. Ouch! There are a lot of mute swans in Switzerland and they often pick fights with people enjoying their lunch by the lakeshore. When I was a teen I used to feed them by hand to impress people. Probably the only time where being able to bend my fingers backwards came in useful – they have quite a bite!

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  2. I gave my mom our recital video for Mother’s Day and was actually in town to watch it with her. I feel you – I watched myself doing leaps and it was so, so bad! I thought I was starting to get close to hanging leaps and I was horribly mistaken.

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