Final Rehearsal And Quick Updates

I’m as behind on my blogging as I am on my dancing. My adductor strain is proving to be highly annoying and I have spent the past two weeks worrying about not being able to take part in the recital because of it.

I went to the final studio rehearsal on Friday intending to at least try and dance but with a bad feeling about it. Fortunately, both teachers jumped me on entrance, questioned me about the injury and subsequently forbade me to dance that day so that I might have some more time to recover until the stage rehearsal on Wednesday. I’m really grateful they did, or I might’ve done something stupid.

I’m still very glad I went, as Jaina was able to solve the problem I’ve noticed on video: not bending over backwards into cambré, if you want to call it that. The move is part of our swings that join the choreography together and it consists of throwing your head, neck and shoulders backwards while counter-balancing with an attitude devant and throwing your arms up in front of you. I’ve heard several teachers call the backwards bend the arch, it that helps. (Modern dance terminology is like common names for spider species: randomly different depending on who is using it and therefore not exactly reliable outside of the environment where you first encountered it.)

Anyway, although I technically have at least some degree of mid-back flexibility and can do a semblance of a cambré, bending over backwards in the swing was inexplicably impossible. Like for so, so many dance problems, the answer turned out to be… *drum roll* …engage your core. Next time I can’t perform a move properly, I should just try engaging my core before asking questions. Because it seems to be the answer 90% of the time.

I had to skip all classes for the past two weeks in order to recover. Getting back is going to be ever so much fun. At least the looming recital served as a convenient incentive for me to do my adductor exercises as well as general stretching and foam rolling daily. I did manage to recover significantly in those extra few days and now feel reasonably confident about today’s stage rehearsal. If the title of my next post is full of sad face emojis, I was wrong. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Final Rehearsal And Quick Updates

  1. Hope your injury heals quickly! That must be incredibly frustrating, but it’s definitely better to fully heal and not aggravate it.

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  2. You’re absolutetly right! I was able to rehearse today without any issues, so the two week break was totally worth it!


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