Stage Rehearsal: Better Than Expected

The stage rehearsal went well! Whew! My adductors held themselves together. Though they still feel a bit off, they are dance-able now. I’ve slapped a hot water bottle on my leg immediately afterwards and it is still well-behaved today. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. A huge thank you to everyone who wished me a good recovery!

Yesterday was the very first time I went backstage at the city theatre (or any theatre since I was 10 years old) and it was quite the experience. It all started with trying to find our dressing room.

Our teachers had assured us that all we had to do was find the stage door: everything would be signposted inside. I only managed to find the posting with the help of a bored-looking dance dad lounging around just inside the stage door. I got the distinct feeling that I wasn’t the first one he had to point out the dressing room list to.

The list said something along the lines of «the last door at the end of the corridor». It didn’t help that the floor plan of anything that isn’t house or stage was apparently inspired by the final residence of the Minotaur. Descending into the sub-basement, I followed a maze of dimly lit corridors until I found a door that was clearly at the end of them all. In the dressing room behind the door I found another knowledgeable person who told me that the Way’s dressing room was on the other side of a completely dark corridor, which I had passed by earlier, because honestly, wouldn’t you?

One dark corridor later, the dressing room was located successfully. It was also chock-full of princesses painting their toenails and noticeably lacking in any of my peers. (I have a habit of arriving rather early.) A quick inspection of the room revealed a door which led to a small open area containing the controls to the sprinkler system, a door to the orchestra pit an a much smaller room with its own sink, wardrobe and, interestingly enough, a bed. It also contained a music stand. Maybe it was a private room intended for the use of the conductor and maybe it wasn’t. Seeing how it was blissfully devoid of princesses and their stuff, we installed ourselves there. If there was an award for the edgiest dressing room, we would probably win it.

We got dressed, warmed up and did our best to run through the dance in a narrow corridor where you couldn’t lift your hands over your head without hitting some pipes. For lack of anything better to do or anywhere better to do it, we headed up to the backstage area.

The backstage at least, is enormous. The theatre has a huge side stage that is almost as large as the main stage and a large crossover. The stage itself is also enormous compared to our studio. The apron is so wide that falling off the stage is not even close to being an option. I might have mislead my friends telling them to come and see me fall off the stage, ha! The ceiling is incredibly high and the feeling when you dance on that stage is bloody amazing. There are also incredibly convenient positioning markers.

Our two runs went rather well, even though I do feel somewhat unsure after my forced to week break. Friday teacher convinced me it wasn’t noticeable. The video she sent wasn’t great, but then it wasn’t any worse than our last gym rehearsal video, so at least there’s that. To counteract some of my uncertainty, I warmed up today, sneaked down to the basement room where the residents of our house dry their laundry and ran through the steps one more time.

And now, I have to run! I have to be at the theatre at five thirty for the dress rehearsal and I still have errands to run and make-up to try on. We got a sheet of paper with a template and a bag of make-up so that we would all look the same. But the template demands black-rimmed eyes which I have never really done, being more of a winged eyeliner kind of girl. I need to learn to pull the look off in my own bathroom before I brave it in a dressing room without any reliable way to remove all of it an start again.

Speaking of which, my levels of preparedness are reaching maniac levels on this. But I live close to the theatre and can afford to lug around anything me and my team members might need. I even brought two spare pairs of socks yesterday, which turned out to be fortunate, because I left mine on the side stage where they remain (presumably) to this very moment.

Bye-bye now!

And maybe carry a towel. And spare socks so you can leave some whenever you go.

10 thoughts on “Stage Rehearsal: Better Than Expected

  1. I had to use my emergency poodle socks last week because I forgot mine at home! I’m a big fan of leaving socks everywhere.

    Also, don’t panic is right! You’re probably your own worst critic and will do an amazing job at the show. Remember, most of the audience doesn’t know a thing about dance, and the ones that do will appreciate how well you do and understand the difficulty.

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  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I definitely need it right now!
    The hyper-preparedness payed off already as someone forgot their leggings today and I was able to loan them some. And my socks have mysteriously disappeared from the side stage. Maybe they’ll show up in the lost-and-found box at the studio. Or maybe they’re going on a fantastic adventure. 😀


  3. Gah! Theaters! Are they all designed by minotaurs??? To get to our changing rooms for Spring Collection, we had to go in a side door, through a maze of offices and tiny changing rooms occupied by tiny people, down a set of stairs, through a weird stairs-lobby thing, through a somewhat distressing basement, up a different set of stairs, around a corner, and up yet another set of stairs 8|

    Also, merde! (And way to go on being the Emergency Leggings Person!)

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  4. I think the architects just go “we’ll put the stage here, the seats here and the ginormous bar area over there. Now, how can we fit a dozen dressing rooms, lighting, sound, climate tech, storage and service areas into the remaining 0.5 square metres?”

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  5. We figured out it’s the conductor’s room, by the subtle clues such as it’s location right next to the orchestra pit entrance, the music stand and the fact that it said “conductor” on the door. I believe conducting an orchestra is a challenging activity, so maybe the conductor lays down for a nap during the break. Or maybe the conductor is also a minotaur and they keep him down there permanently!

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