Premiere: So. Many. Emotions.

After yesterday’s premiere, I’m pretty sure dance should be reclassified as a drug. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a huge rush of excitement, exhilaration, gratitude and adrenaline. I had to distract myself with an audio book in order to sleep at all. (I fall asleep very easily, so that is rare indeed.) And the best thing is, we’re doing all again today – twice! And the worst thing is, we’re only doing it two more times…

The dress rehearsal on Thursday went rather well. Theatrical wisdom passed on to me from different sources states that a good dress rehearsal means a bad premiere and vice versa, but they both went rather well for us. We could always be better, but nothing went horribly wrong. I was somewhat nervous before we started.

We start our dance by running across the stage. Then group one starts to dance while group two – my group – waits in the wings. We get about 40 seconds of downtime that way and that was when I got to really enjoy the adrenaline rush. The nervousness was replaced by absolute clarity, like someone had switched the world from SD to 4K HDR. It has been a long, long time since I had last danced in front of an audience, so all of it was new to me. Having experienced it, I definitely want to experience it again!

So adorable. ❤

Before the premiere, our teachers came down to our humble dressing room, brought each of us a small gift and told us we could do it, which was incredibly sweet of them! We had bought them flowers and gift cards for the theatre we’re performing in, which stages a lot of awesome international dance productions, but at that moment, half of us were scattered throughout other dressing rooms, preparing for other numbers, and we didn’t have all the signatures on the card yet. So we jumped our teachers after the applause and they were somehow surprised and very grateful and there was a lot of hugging and people may or may not have had tears in their eyes.

And then I headed out into the foyer to hang out with the SO and my family and get showered with compliments. My family, too, were very adorable, with both mine and the SO’s mom saying I was totally the best and no, of course they were not biased, like, at all. My little brother called my dancing «very coordinated» and the SO said he loved the fluid movements of our choreography. We shook our heads about certain people, such as the family of one of our dancers who just hate dance for some reason and wouldn’t come (how?! how do you even manage to hate dance?!) and departed in the general direction of bed.

Once she arrived home, my mom bought tickets for the two remaining performances, as well, snatching up one of the last three tickets for the derriere in the process! She’s really happy that I dance and I’m really happy that she dances. Your kids are never too old for you to be a dance mom. 😉

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make myself needlessly nervous about the remaining two performances.

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