Annoying Adductors

My adductor sprain has been refusing to heal properly, prooooobably because I’ve been refusing to let it heal properly. It only complained a little bit throughout the recital, but it rebelled after yesterdays jazz class. After several minutes crying in the bathroom because everything is horribly unfair and I will obviously never, ever dance again (my brain is a drama queen), I called my doctor to schedule an appointment. I’m sure a break from dancing for some time will be required, but at least I will have a timeline and a chance of not developing some super-chronic tendinopathy. I will also do my best to wrangle some physiotherapy out of him.

This gives it six weeks to heal, which should be more than enough. In seven weeks, I will be doing a week-long modern summer course. It was heartily recommended to me by one of my fellow dancers like this «super-cool thing, you should totally come». Once she forwarded me the info, I realised that this was, in fact, an intermediate level course. Since the woman who recommended it to me seemed so confident in my abilities, I signed up anyway.

Leaving aside the question of whether I can even survive an intermediate course, all my body parts need to be in working order by the beginning of August. Preferably even a little earlier, since I wouldn’t necessarily want to dance for 1,5 hours daily for five days when completely detrained. I really hope the doctor’s appointment on Tuesday will net me less than 6 weeks without dancing. For now, today’s ballet is off. (Tomorrow’s modern is still on-ish, but only because the teachers dropped the word «celebrate».)

Curse you, adductors! But, like, curse you with super-fast healing and resistance to further injury.

2 thoughts on “Annoying Adductors

  1. i have been going through this sprain from an year…i never gave it time to heal….now i want to…what should i do…the doctor says rest…is it enough?


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