Bye-Bye, M. ;(

Last Thursday was the last ballet class of this term and the last class ever with my beloved ballet teacher, M. She is still studying and working several jobs to support herself, plus participating in performances with her dance company. One of her jobs offered her a better position and a raise, so she will no longer have time to teach us.

Needless to say, everyone showed up for the last class with her, even me. We did a brief warm-up and then a pretty (and pretty long!) choreography. I only participated for about half an hour, until my screwed tendon started to complain. After the lesson, we gave M. a little farewell gift and she gave us several USB sticks with the music she used for her classes! This was really nice of her, since we were always such fans of the beautiful pieces.

And so, the first one and a half year chapter of beginner ballet comes to a close. Next term, we will have a new teacher for about two months and then the class will be taken over by Birdie, the Saturday and summer course teacher. M. promised to sub for Birdie whenever the opportunity presents itself, so we’ll see her again. Still, we were sad to see her go. She always had a kind word for us, and an open ear for our weird adult ballet problems.

My injury, meanwhile, is not doing well at all. Maybe half an hour of (reduced) ballet was still too much for it, or maybe I walked around too much the next day. The tendon is quite achy now. Mr. Adorable will have words to say about this, I’m afraid – I was under instructions not to overdo it. If you ever have to deal with an injury like this (and I sincerely hope you don’t), be aware that it is extremely hard to gauge, since the pain is low-key and increases very gradually. You might not notice anything until it is too late. Still, I have faith in Mr. Adorable and his mad physiotherapy skillz.

This is draining me more than I like to admit. A significant portion of my self-esteem is attached to dancing and I have already lost strength noticeably. I’m trying to compensate by doing upper body strength training. My arms have always been very weak. At the height of my teenage karate career, I could do a hundred jump squats in a row (I’m not kidding, our sensei was brutal on the teens) but my record for pull-ups was two, and my push-ups weren’t much better. So maybe something good will come of this adductor crap. I always wanted to learn to do a hand stand.

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