Lucky Find

I was wandering through the thrift store the other day, not looking for anything in particular, when I reached out to a random shelf and took a random magazine off it. It turned out to be a 1950 issue of the renowned Swiss culture magazine Du – an issue that just happened to be dedicated entirely to dance! Naturally, I had to buy it.

The topics treated within are wildly different, from biographical looks at Degas and Diaghilev, through religious, folk and pantomime dance to choreography notation, interspersed with dance-related art and poetry.


I love old magazines and newspapers: the topics, the wordings, the layouts, the images and not least, the advertisements. I had to dig through various archives for a couple of stories as well as for my bachelor thesis and it is always fascinating. Not least because periodic publications are made to be current and reading them way past their expiration date is a better window back in time than any modern retelling. I’m looking forward to reading this Du issue and seeing what has changed in the world of dance in the almost seventy years since its publication.

Du is still being published today, by the way: Incredibly, it hasn’t even been swept up by one of the big media houses.

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