This Has Been A Weird Summer Break

I had plans for this summer, dance-wise. I would go to the summer ballet class with Birdie and maybe an modern intensive or two. My adductors disagreed and I ended up doing zero dancing for just over two months.

Nevertheless, I find myself facing modern class in a fitter state than I was before the break. I had resigned myself to the idea of losing flexibility and strength while recovering. Instead, I grew some impressive muscles (impressive by my standards, that is) and kept all of my flexibility. Mr. Adorable not only rebuilt the damaged tendon, he also improved my general strength and fitness and will continue to do so until October.

Modern class with Carrots starts tomorrow, modern contemporary with Beans on Friday, ballet in two weeks and jazz in three. While I’m curious to see how my adductors hold up, I’m not even particularly worried. I was an anxious wreck before the break, so that’s a lot of progress. And if the tendon acts up again, I know Mr. Adorable can at least make the pain go away.

I need to make time in my schedule to keep the strength training up at least once a week, even after I say good-bye to Mr. Adorable. Cross training is supposed to be good for you and I feel like I’ve profited a lot from all the exercises. I wonder if I’ll notice the effects tomorrow.

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