I Can Dance!

Well, not in the sense of «I can dance well». That might be the case at some point in the distant future, but it is not this day. I can however, physically participate in dance class without any limitations through my adductor injury. My former adductor injury! 

Modern class went so well I might have to restrain myself from hugging Mr. Adorable to death tomorrow. The first class after the holidays is always easy. Carrots slowly introduced us to the new routines for warm up, core, stretching, floor and diagonal. The class was over before we could even start choreography.

There were a few new people there, a couple of the new people who joined right before the holidays were gone, as well as a few teenagers who finished school last term. I wonder who will turn up for Beans’ class on Friday.

It’s official: the Dork is back in town!

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