Physiotherapy Achievements

Physiotherapy is designed to be challenging, because as we all know, where there is no challenge, there is little progress. This just makes the moments when you succeed all the more inspiring. Let’s take a look at some of the most important milestones. This is a GIF-heavy post, however you pronounce it, so the rest of it is behind a cut.

Major Physiotherapy Achievements:

1. Doing a previously painful move pain-free


The first time that you feel you’re on the road towards recovery; very encouraging.

2. Managing a full set of difficult exercises


The moment you notice your therapist-ordered, self-inflicted suffering is actually improving your strength and stability.

3. Returning to pre-injury activity levels


A major treatment goal, this warrants quite a bit of celebration!

4. Surviving a therapy session without subsequent DOMS

(Note: hypothetical, estimated probability approaches zero)


The existence of this achievement has been postulated, but never empirically proven. It may forever remain in the realm of imagination.

Minor But Immensely Satisfying Physiotherapy Achievements:

1. Getting two young male physiotherapists to try and do a pas de chat at the same time

Full points for entertainment value, 8/10 for coordination, 4/10 for turnout, 2/10 for landing – not bad for a first try actually.



Pity I didn’t have a camera handy, as I was just engaging in some light-hearted banter and didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that they might actually do it. Good sports. ❤

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