All Shoulders Are Not Created Equal

As predicted, ’twas but a scratch. My adductors healed just peachy and were perfectly alright by Saturday. The bruising from the massage to fix the injury lasted a day or so longer than the actual injury. So I headed off to modern yesterday. Before class, the adductors tried to pretend they were a bit tight and crampy, but I noticed that was only the case when I was consciously worrying about them. Once class started, they were perfectly fine.

I finally managed to catch up on all the combinations I missed that one time and class went well. During floorwork, Carrots announced that we would finally be doing the other side. I cringed. Our floorwork combo contains a backwards shoulder roll, which I can absolutely no longer do over my left shoulder for some reason.  I could comfortably roll over the right shoulder all day, but the left one takes me back to turtle-on-its-back stage. I’ve been aware of this problem for many months now but have never gotten around to practicing the damn roll on the other side: it requires space and, for a hypermobile and injury-prone lady like me, a proper warm-up, and preferably some privacy so that there’s no one to laugh at me. I’ve just been dreading the time when I might have to do it in class. I knew it would come eventually – it’s a popular move.

And so, the time came.

Unsurprising: my first attempt was rather undignified.

Surprising: so was almost everyone else’s. People got confused, stuck and/or hit the floor with more than ideal velocity all around me. Carrots turned around, surveyed the class skeptically and said, «We haven’t done this move on the left for a while, have we?»

So, there you go: don’t just assume you are the only one in class who sucks at something. The harsh reality of adult dance class may prove you wrong. Difference in performance levels between the sides is just business as usual and most teachers tend to start on the right side and work it to perfection while the left one falls a bit short.

The awesome Asher of Danceur Ignoble just wrote here that some instructors call your better side your «business side» and the other one your «party side». My left shoulder is definitely my party shoulder. At least when your idea of party is lying there with your butt in the air and trying to figure out which way your head is supposed to go.

The business shoulder looks more like a hipster shoulder, but you get the idea. Maybe I should give it a craft beer or something. Get myself one, while I’m at it, to celebrate the artful accomplishment that is this picture.

2 thoughts on “All Shoulders Are Not Created Equal

  1. “At least when your idea of party is lying there with your butt in the air and trying to figure out which way your head is supposed to go.”

    I think I went to that party at Burning Man 😀

    If it helps, this also occurs with non-adult dancers. During the masterclass series, which included pre-pro kids, I discovered that the party side is strong in many dancers across a broad(ish) range of ages! BW made us do an exercise with a million chaînés en manège … Boy did that get interesting going left for a lot of us ;P

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