I Am Not Viking Enough :(

As of this week, I’ve got my work cut out for me: modern on Monday, physiotherapy on Tuesday, jazz on Wednesday, ballet on Thursday and modern contemporary on Friday. Mercifully, Beans couldn’t find a sub for this Friday’s class, so I only have to survive jazz and ballet, both for the first time after the break.

I would’ve worried about DOMS, but Mr. Adorable decided to preempt that. I’m considering renaming him into Mr. Satanic, except the bastard is still too damn adorable and he laughs at my jokes. He was happy that my minor setback was all better and very entertained by the fact that the soreness from his massage had outlasted the actual adductor injury. I think he thinks I overthink it. I also think he’s right.

As for giving me severe DOMS, it has become rather difficult in the ad- and abductors after all the training he’s put me through. So he decided I needed to work on my hamstrings and quads, too. The amount of soreness I was up for dawned on me when I thought the leg press was stuck and he advised me to just push harder. The good news is, the leg press is in perfect working order!

If you’re at it already, you might as well train the antagonists. Mr. Adorable had me do simple hamstring bridges first, which were easy enough. So he escalated to an awesome-looking exercise, which, he informed me, is called the Nordic hamstring curl. Since the word «Nordic» is seriously cool in and of itself and makes me think of vikings, I immediately decided that I would be the queen of Nordic hamstring curls now and forever. Then I tried to do one.

In the following video, you can see Micah Richards performing the Nordic hamstring curl. Micah Richards is a professional footballer, in case you were wondering. (I was.)

In the very first two seconds of this other video, you can see a very realistic representation of me performing the Nordic hamstring curl. I do not recommend this method.

(Feel free not to watch the rest of the video. It is stupid and catchy and I love it, but you do you.)

You could say I misjudged the difficulty of the exercise somewhat. Unfortunately, I also lightly hurt one of my hamstrings while trying it, because of course I did. Mr. Adorable made sure I didn’t tear anything before letting me go. A day later, nothing except my pride seems to be noticeably damaged and I’m still going to jazz today and ballet tomorrow. And then, I’m going to build up some hamstring power so that I can be a viking! Or maybe I can get on a longship and go raid some settlements. Whichever one proves more efficient.


Bullshit text by me, clipart from here, background image: Pierre Bouillot

4 thoughts on “I Am Not Viking Enough :(

  1. I’ll probably just be the really annoying raider that keeps capturing her fellow vikings all the time. I kinda have a thing for guys with beards and/or long hair. Mr. Adorable has a bit of both, for the record. Maybe I’ll start by capturing him. 🤔 😂

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  2. Annoying, or efficient? 😀 Just grabbing the nearest fellow Vikings saves time and resources, right? So really you’d be doing the Viking community a favor!


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