On Wednesday and Thursday respectively, I’ve had my first jazz and ballet classes after the injury and the subsequent break… and they went amazingly well! Remind me to try (and probably fail) to express my gratitude to Mr. Adorable in a non-creepy way.

I was slightly worried about my not-so-Nordic hamstring before jazz, but it held up fine – I just had to go easy on the stretching. There are currently no longer two levels because we aren’t as many people as we used to be. Beginner and Intermediate have been thrown together into one class which starts at 19:30. It’s perfectly fine by me. I did well in every single exercise except chaînés (my spot game is not, uh, spot on). When the choreography rolled around, I even looked like I was dancing! This is a first!

I believe this unexpected achievement can be attributed to the modern showcase. Practicing a choreography for so long that remembering the steps was not an issue anymore allowed us to try and bring some artistry and expression into our dancing. This is not something your average adult beginner gets to do during regular dance class. It may have changed the way I view choreography entirely.

The next day, I got to meet our new ballet teacher, or rather long-term sub. She’s replacing our first teacher, M., until December. Then, Birdie will teach us. The sub is tiny, adorable and very nice. I’m going to call her Amy. Her class is more classical than M.’s, while her music is less. This was the first time I did ballet to instrumental covers of modern hits, and simultaneously the first class I had that ended with a reverance! I must say I rather liked it.

My performance was surprisingly good. All the exercises payed off big time, as I could go on relevé, do a rond-de-jambe en l’air, arabesques and grand battements at least as well, if not better, than before the injury. I felt more artistic and dance-like in ballet class, as well, though that might just have been the happiness of being back.

It’s so good to be back, you guys!

I quite like Amy as a teacher. She powers through the class and explains the combinations well. I love the way she deals with our chatty ladies: she will just turn the music on, watch the panicked scramble to get into position, then calmly start the music from the beginning. Definitely not the kind of class where the teacher asks each student personally whether they would like to pay attention now, if you please. Which is fine by me. I could use some incentive to concentrate more myself.

She did say something that my Mom and I decided describes our dancing perfectly. Amy’s German is perfectly understandable, but slightly broken, so the things she says sound a bit funny sometimes. As we were huffing and puffing after a particularly fast battement jeté combination, she tried to encourage us by saying, «That was almost good!»

That’s me, folks: almost good.

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