A High Five And Some Good News

I have been terrible about posting this week, so let me catch up really quickly. On Tuesday, I got a high five from Mr. Adorable for having successfully attended all my dance classes with hardly any complaints from the adductors. I only noticed them a tiny bit in ballet when Amy had us do super-fast battements jetés. When I told Mr. Adorable about this, he told me to do super-fast battement jetés with a theraband. He also tried to do them with me for a while (though I noticed he skipped the theraband). Turns out he is still going to modern class! Pity it’s not one of mine.

Jazz on Wednesday was as chill as the week before. I was able to really get into our choreography and enjoy myself. There was no ballet on Thursday, because Amy had another engagement and they couldn’t find a sub. Since having an evening off is not something that happens very often, the SO and I invited a couple of friends over. They are both passionate salsa dancers, so, while there was no actual dancing on Thursday, there was definitely conversation about dance.

Beans has a show going on right now, so the Friday modern contemporary class this and the next week is in the capable hands of the school’s hip-hop teacher, K. I came prepared to huff and puff through an hour and fifteen of hip-hop, but it turns out K. actually teaches modern, and very well at that. She did warn us that her modern had strong hip-hop influences. This turned out to be true, and it also turned out to be fun.

As I was headed home after class, one of my classmates told me how she has just started studying at the ETH Zurich and using their sports facilities. I grew nostalgic about the ASVZ (Academic Sports Association of Zurich). While you are a student at the ETH, the Uni or one of the smaller universities from the region, you gain access to their fitness centers complete with a huge selection of courses, lectures and sports – all for free. Ball sports, rowing, dancing, fitness, martial arts – you name it, the ASVZ has probably got it. I told my classmate to enjoy it while she could. She told me she had heard that alumni could get access for a reasonable fee.

Naturally, this intrigued me a lot. I had been looking into fitness centers. My physiotherapy experience has shown me the value of cross-training, but the physiotherapy will be over soon and I’ll be on my own. A fitness center membership would set me back over a thousand francs a year and it didn’t seem worth it for «maybe I’ll manage to go twice a week». Imagine my reaction when I looked it up and discovered that yes, I was eligible for an ASVZ membership and it would cost me all of 560 francs a year!

I called my mother with cries of glee because she’s been looking into adding more sports to her schedule but was worried about the cost. She’s checking her eligibility and then we’ll be signing up! The best part is that the ASVZ center in our city not only has fitness classes but also dance: ballet, modern, jazz and street dance. If one of my classes is cancelled for some reason, I can always go to any given class at the ASVZ, here or in Zurich. I can cross-train, strength-train, go see some other dance classes, expand my horizon and improve my dancing for half the price of a fitness studio membership!

Until then, I have to do my bodyweight training / physiotherapy at home, however. I did so today and because all the strength training wasn’t enough, I decided to chase it down with «a little bit of stretching», i.e. 45 minutes of splits training. I’m tantalizingly close to the front splits. I think I’ll start regularly training for the splits again and see where that takes me. (Hopefully to the splits, amirite?)

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