Bad Conscience?

There’s a nice young woman in my Monday modern class whose name I keep forgetting. She had her first class there on the very same day as me. I had been taking classes for almost a year at that point, so I had a head start. She knows this and so (I hope) doesn’t resent me too much.

Today, she said she was frustrated because she was still having trouble remembering choreography while everyone else seems to be doing much better. (Adult beginner peeps will know that this is perfectly normal.) All of the more advanced students tried to convince her that the difference wasn’t so much in remembering the steps as in convincingly bullshitting your way through them to end up in the same place as the rest of the class. This has a lot of truth to it. My jazz  teacher, Y., often tells us this same thing.

Anyway, the open ballet class ended and we walked into the studio to find Carrots looking slightly pale and wearing am enormous scarf. She had a cold, but was determined to teach us anyway. Fortunately, the hip-hop teacher, K., takes the open ballet class as well as our modern class. She had a modern class all ready for Friday anyway, so she relieved poor Carrots.

I was perfectly fine with this – I enjoyed K.’s slightly hip style of modern last Friday and will enjoy it next Friday, too. However, Monday class has more beginners in it. When you struggle with the regular class (on account of having just started it), class with a sub can be terribly frustrating. I remember walking home in tears from such a class on at least one occasion.

I was the only one there to have seen the choreography before, so I had a bit of an edge on the rest of the class. Not as much of an edge as I would have liked on the advanced folks, but still. The class was fast-paced, too, so there wasn’t much chatting. Therefore, I completely neglected to mention Friday’s class and so did the teacher.

This only really occurred to me on my way home and now I feel slightly bad about it. Dancing right behind me must’ve felt like an annoying case in point to that classmate after our conversation.

Then again, I doubt people pay quite so much attention to my (doubtless very important and all kinds of fascinating) self. xD

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