Bring-A-Friend-To-Class Day

Kidding – every day is bring-a-friend-to-class day! I invited a salsa-dancing acquaintance to try jazz today. Unfortunately, Y. was ill so she didn’t really get to know our usual jazz lesson. Instead, Frodo picked up where she left off last week.

For some reason, this class was particularly good. Not that I danced particularly good (though I did manage one double turn!). It was good socially. There were a lot of us there, more than I’ve seen in a very long time. A nice classmate who has been gone since March suddenly reappeared. Last week, we made some effort to finally learn each others names and that helped, too. I’ve recounted Asher‘s amazing explanation about tendus (see comments on the above link) to the woman who asked the question last time. We marveled at it together.

During tendus, Frodo had us pair off and push each other’s heel on the working foot forward in order to find the deep rotator muscles responsible for holding a proper turnout. It was a great exercise – as a beginner, you can’t consciously engage your deep rotators even if you do know where they are. (Asher calls them «deep potaters» in this case, which is rather accurate!) Amazingly, after holding my working leg in the position my mom pushed it into for a while, I replaced it into first and lo and behold, I retained noticeably more turnout even when standing! To the extent of my knowledge, it isn’t possible to force your turnout while your leg is in the air. So my hip mobility issues might not be as terminal as I thought, after all.

So, a lovely jazz class with friends and some learning effect. Nice. The only concern I have is Y. splitting the now rather large class back in two, with Intermediate being way too late for my taste and Beginner being on the boring side because Y. has to explain warm-up, tendus and turns to new people every six weeks. But I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.


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