Jazz Is Boring

There, I said it. Two weeks ago, I was all like, oh boy, jazz class is so awesome! (Probably because it was taught by a sub, tbh.) Last week, it was meh. An occasional «meh» is not unsual for dance class or any other activity, but I’ve been feeling it in jazz for a long time now.

We did lady style exercises, which is normal for Y.’s class. I’m not a huge fan of lady style. I’ve always pushed through, because I believe that you have to do things you hate occasionally to become a better dancer. Beans said something like that to me once, too. The class redeemed itself with a beautiful lyrical and rather technical choreo. The only thing it was missing was floorwork, because Y. took pity on my classmates.

That is another thing that bothers me about jazz. It’s never too challenging, because people whine and Y. gives in. Floorwork is universally detested by seemingly everyone but me. No one is friends with the floor. I understand that most of my classmates do not dance as much as I do and share neither my lofty goals nor my enthusiasm, so I can hardly complain to Y. about this. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel bored and disappointed.

Which brings me to the logical conclusion: jazz might have to go. Right now, it’s at a convenient time, in a very convenient place and payed for in advance until February. Should more people sign up, Y. might split the class back into Beginner and Intermediate. The former one has become incredibly boring, because it is catered to complete beginners and explains the warm-up routine, tendus and the jazz pas-de-bourré in great detail every six weeks. The latter one is, well, late. I love dancing, but I’m happiest when I can follow it up with a cozy supper with the SO in front of Netflix. I want to possess my baked goods, and ingest them, too.

Jazz class with Y. was a wonderful introduction to dance and I’ve learned a great deal from it. I’m not stuck-up enough to believe I’ve learned everything there is to learn. But I feel like I could learn more and be challenged more elsewhere. So maybe, after two years, it’s time to say good-bye to Wednesday jazz class.

Here, it becomes complicated. Tuesday is laundry night and all the other weekdays already have dance classes, so the replacement would have to be on Wednesday. It would also need to be conveniently situated and timed. And finally, if I’m honest, it would have to be modern, or at the very least the lovely lyrical jazz so many of our subs teach. Ballet is nice and all, but… Anyway, modern on Wednesday around seven close to the city center? Sure! There’s an affordable modern class 15 minutes from my house that starts shortly before 7 pm and goes on for an hour and fifteen minutes. Perfect.

Unfortunately, said modern class has an «F» in its title, which is short for «Fortgeschrittene», which is German for «advanced», which is just another way of saying «The Dork will not survive». I’ve complained around and several people told me I could  pull it off, so maybe I’ll just go and see how advanced «advanced» is. At least I wouldn’t be bored. Then again, the school it belongs to keeps it’s own little contemporary company, which I’m pretty certain mostly trains in that exact class. While I’m eager to be challenged and to prove myself, I don’t want to impose my ineptitude on people who’ve been dancing for X years, where X is a number larger than five and quite possibly larger than ten.

Anyway, I’m stuck with jazz until the end of February. I’ll meditate on it some more until then (and try to find out just how much my modern can be improved in three months).

Have you ever gotten bored with a class? Did you stick with it or find a more challenging one?

3 thoughts on “Jazz Is Boring

  1. That’s a tough one. In the classes I’ve been to, the teacher has tended to tell me to move up a level or suggest other classes – but this has been within adult learning colleges that have a large variety of classes and levels. Otherwise it’s not great when it’s boring and unchallenging. I’ve also done the thing of trying out a Lyrical Jazz class billed as ‘Intermediate’ and I left halfway through because EVERYONE ELSE was clearly at advanced level and the teacher basically ignored me. I might write a blog post of my experience of trying out classes that I never returned to…Hope you find one you like!

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  2. Yeah, it’s only a small school, unfortunately!
    That would make an interesting read. My modern teacher always warns newcomers that she’s going to ignore them for a couple of lessons, so that they can find their feet a bit before being swamped with explanations. You’re always the best judge of what you can realistically hope to keep up with, so some people stuck with it and some never returned. Lyrical jazz might be an option for me, too! I noticed that I almost universally love the subs we have in jazz, because they all do lyrical.

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