Teachers On Stage!

Sometimes, when you come to dance class, your teacher hands you a flyer and says «Hey, I’ve got this show coming up.» If you’re me, you buy tickets immediately. Because if you’re me, you think that watching your teacher on stage is not only the bee’s knees, but also the fox’s socks and the cat’s pajamas. Let me elaborate.

1. You get to see something unusual

Unless you’re a professional getting trained by the stars of the dance world, chances are that your teacher’s performance will be a comparatively small event. There are lots of small events and not a lot of people know about all of them. Last Friday, my mom and I went to see Beans perform on stage. The Saturday before that, we went to see Amy. Both shows were small and experimental. If our teachers weren’t involved, we probably wouldn’t have gone to either. But we did and we saw some amazing art there. And some really weird art, too. You may not go to something like this for yourself, but why not go under the guise of seeing your teacher dance and expand your horizon?

2. You get to see your teacher in a new light

Most people only ever get to see their teacher in one setting: class, which is often repetitive and requres the teacher to watch, correct, explain and demonstrate. Actual dancing done by your teacher in any given class is probably limited. Seeing them on stage might give you a whole new perspective on their skill and artistry – or just help you see them as a more complete person. Birdie is sweet but strict in ballet class, but her fluid, hypermobile movements in a modern dance piece are expressive, captivating and uncanny. Tiny, adorable Beans stands out from her fellow dancers by her incredible energy and athleticism, taking each movement to the max. You’ll see what I mean if you see your own teacher on stage.

3. You get to see interesting people

This may be different in other regions, but around here, the dance community is small and intertwined. Half my teachers know each other, even if they teach in completely different schools. Thus it is totally possible that, as you go to see one of your teachers perform, you’ll also get to see a piece by the teacher of that advanced modern class you’ve been eyeing. It’s also possible (and probable) that some of your classmates or even your other teachers will be around and up for a chat. Or maybe you’ll see a dancer whose work you’ll want to watch. You never know.

My point is: go and see your teachers perform on stage! If they want you to, of course.

Title photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash. So… not one of my teachers.

One thought on “Teachers On Stage!

  1. My favourite teacher is the principal dancer and the artistic director of a small dance company. I have seen him on stage many times, and what strikes me most is the progress he has made over the years as a dancer, a teacher and a human being. In class, he often says things like ‘when you are on stage, you must remember…’ which is funny in a way, because most of those middle-aged ladies in my class will never perform (again).

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